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If your employees are obsessed with social media, you are in luck! Chances are, if they are a millennial, they are social media savvy and highly obsessed with every social media platform out there. If you are nodding your head yes to all of this, keep reading to hear why this is amazing news for your business.

Employees with a strong social media presence can help companies build brand awareness, reach wider audiences, increase employee engagement, and most importantly, increase sales!

The part where you come in as an employer is by implementing a social media training program.

It's time to look past the strict social media rules and regulations that some companies enforce, and invest in social media training for employees. Today we are going to tell you four reasons why a social media training program will benefit your business.

  1. Build brand awareness
    Employee’s personal social media accounts need to be consistent with their company’s brand and core values. Since employees are a direct representation of a company, it is important to make sure they are posting appropriate content that is inline with the companies mission statement and core values.
  2. Reach wider audiences
    Employees can reach people that they weren’t able to reach before through social media platforms. It’s essential for employees to learn about each social media platform and to know which one is right for them to use.
    Once employees are trained on which platforms to use, they can use social media to connect with their target audience.
  3. Increase employee engagement
    Training employees on how to use social media to increase employee engagement will bring employees closer and create a positive work environment for everyone on social media to see. Employees can interact with each other in a fun way through social media which creates a close work environment between employees.
    The employees at L'Oréal did a great job at using social media to increase employee engagement. Employees created their own hash tag, #LifeatLoreal to give people insight on what goes on in their offices and to share their company culture. In the end, they reached people they weren’t able to reach before and gave an insight about what it’s like to work there.
  4. Increase sales
    Social media is a great way for employees to increase company sales in a lighthearted way. Employees should be using social media to connect with potential clients and post about job opportunities within the organization.

SOCii listens what our clients have to say and we help them say it in a strategic way through social media. We create customized social media training manuals to help employees use social media in a smart and effective way.

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