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Whether you are an executive, a hipster or a blogger, you need a profile picture that represents you and your brand. You don’t want your first impression to be that out of focus picture that you took on New Year’s Eve. Truthfully, a selfie just won’t make the professional impression that you need.Make a statement with a polished and professional image.

Darrin needed a corporate style headshot.He nailed the CEO look with his sharp suit accessorized with cufflinks and a strong watch. Prepare for a successful session by paying attention to details.It’s really not possible to photo shop a belt into your belt loops and not having one severely limits the poses. Just assume that your whole body will be in the whole photograph.Bringing more than one will allow your photographer to coordinate the right look for you. And it’s so obvious but often overlooked- please sleep well the night before, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. Eat healthy and think positive things the day of the session.

When you book your headshot session with your photographer, talk about your business and the purpose of the headshot. Be able to describe the look you want in three words. Darrin’s words are corporate, CEO and successful. Know what media platforms you will be using the images for so that your photographer can shoot to the correct format. You may want a traditional pose for LinkedIn and a more casual, inviting look for your blog.

Not everyone loves to be in front of the camera but everyone loves to look good. Your photographer will pose and light you in ways that make you feel foolish but will make you look good. Don’t take it too seriously-relax and have some fun. A real smile will read as genuine.

You may know exactly what you want and need, but be willing to try something different. You never know what will be the right image for the right time.

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