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#How many times have you told yourself you had too many black clothes and needed to add some color to your wardrobe? We’ve all done it.

We can all relate to trying on a piece of clothing in black and in another color, and the black option always looks better. It’s clear by now that all black always wins the fashion debate. Here are five ways why black always wins in the fashion industry.

1. It’s flattering for any body type

Whether you’re curvy, petite, thin, tall, or short, black is always flattering.

2. It pairs with any accessory

Think of that time you dressed up a boring, black dress with killer accessories and all of a sudden you had a perfect outfit.

3. It never goes out of style.

Every year there is an “It” color that is trendy for a season, but black will never go out of style.

4. You can dress it up and make it fancy, or dress it down to be casual

The best part about black clothing is, you can dress it up for work, or you can dress it down to make it more casual.

5. It has a sophisticated, chic appeal.

Many stores have an all black dress code because it’s very, clean and sophisticated. You really can’t go wrong with a black blazer and black jeans.

SOCii has many retail clients and always strives to come up with catchy headlines for retail clients. A catchy headline makes all the difference while writing blog posts or really anything on social media when you are trying to grab a reader’s attention. Similarly, it takes the right accessories and makeup choices to make an all black outfit pop. If there is anything to learn from this blog post, it’s of course that black always wins in fashion, and that a great headline can “dress” up any blog post, just like great accessories can dress up any black outfit.

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