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At SOCii, we provide consulting expertise that includes research & analysis, marketing strategy, technical solutions, and recommended tools that are partnered with manage technology services. Socii means alliance…an we do just that with our clients! We align with our clients forming lasting partnerships, turning great strategy and solutions into big achievements as well as measurable success.

Our services are focused on what we do best by drawing on our diverse skill set in communications, project management, BI, measurement, change management, social listening, training, professional services, and manage technology services to help our clients innovate and navigate with successful results.

Leading SOCii Media Marketing

CathyAnn Sarra

CathyAnn Sarra

Principal & Managing Partner

My Persona is: Energizer

The organized, dynamic, implementer of change, who motivates, promotes and builds the company inside and out, while giving back, investing time and energy in creative collaborative efforts. With over 20 years of IT Solutions Consulting, a believer in “together thinking”, working with C level executives, leading many client engagements and team building & change management initiatives in brand development, social media processes and program strategy.